Monday, 7 November 2011

All eyes on nuclear expert MR Srinivasan for UVCE top job

Bangalore University vice-chancellor N Prabhu Dev has revealed that the next choice to head University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE) would be MR Srinivasan, former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission, since Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy has declined the offer.
“We would have liked Narayana Murthy to head the college, since it really requires someone like him to have exerted his moral authority and pressure. However, after having thanked us for the offer, he said that he will be taking up the offer from National Institute of Engineering, from where he graduated,” said Dev. Murthy had said that he would find it difficult to handle both the institutions, he added.
“I will approach Professor Srinivasan for the post,” added Dev. At present, Srinivasan is also the chairman of the apex advisory body for university. The open letter to Narayana Murthy had read: “A major problem that we face in our university and in majority of the universities in India is the quality of higher education that the institutions impart. The issue of quality is not being addressed. The syllabi are not industry-friendly. The issue of reforms needs a visionary. If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of their tomorrow.”
Dev had said that in the current scenario, he wants the Infosys founder to help UVCE develop concepts such as text-free education, tech-savvy classrooms, ensured internships and vocational courses that aim to make education more fruitful. The faculty would be encouraged to indulge in fruitful research in collaboration with students.
Dev added that UVCE, the oldest engineering college in the state, is in dire need of attention as it has turned into an “island”. The upgradation plans seem to be a far-fetched dream. Big plans have been drawn out for the college, some of which include turning it into a ‘Centre of excellence’, the ‘IIT of Karnataka’.
“I really don’t know what will be implemented with each section wanting something different being done with the college,” said Dev. “The college requires to become an autonomous institution or a deemed university. The VC doesn’t really exercise control over UVCE,” he added.
There are many issues pertaining to the college that need to be looked into. According to college officials, many plans seem to have just been drawn up in the air.
“Even 20 years ago, there was a plan to make UVCE a golden college, however, the reality is that nothing has been done. Even now that is the case,” an official said.
“When the college doesn’t even have an autonomous status, how can it go any further?” he said. What the college requires is competent faculty members and improvement in basic infrastructure. He said more professors, who have a PhD, were required.

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