Friday, 4 November 2011

All RTOs in Gujarat to be fully computerised shortly: Narendra Modi

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today announced that operations at the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in all districts of the state would become fully computerised at the cost of Rs100 crore shortly.
The chief minister also launched the Traffic Education and Awareness Mobile-van (TEAM) campaign for secondary and higher secondary schools students in 10 districts of the state and flagged off specially designed mobile-vans equipped with multi-media equipments and other communication materials.
The government has also decided to include traffic rules and awareness related chapters in the school curriculum soon.
"We need to use modern technology to facilitate common men and make services available to them with less hassles," Modi said at a function organised to inaugurate the new building of RTO here.
"And that is why the state government has decided to fully computerise the RTOs in every district and sanctioned Rs100 crore budget for the same," he said.
Modi said that soon the facility of taking online appointment would be made operational at the RTO Gandhinagar, which will benefit the farmers coming from far off villages.
"We already have broadband internet connectivity at village levels. With the help of that farmers can take
appointment as per their convenience and then come to the RTO officer for their work," he said.
Modi said increase in the number of vehicles was surely an indication of development in the state, but with it comes the bigger need of controlling traffic and creating awareness among citizens.
"The TEAM campaign has been launched today in 10 districts after the pilot project in Panchmahal district gave good results and response from school students," he added.
Modi further said a service would soon be launched where in anybody can get details of a vehicle by sending an SMS to the particular number.
Soon RTOs in Ahmedabad and Gandhingar would have stimulation based driving test for car drivers, he added.

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