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Andhra Pradesh kids shine at International Prodigy Competition 2011 held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hyderabad: State kids proved yet again that they are on the better side of Mental Arithmetic. At a just concluded 11th SIP International Prodigy Competition 2011, seven kids -- A.K. Slakshnu, Praveek Trivedi, Arvind Mohan Das, G. Abhishakth, Abhinay, Sowmya Sree and Subhra Jyoti Mishra from the state of Andhra Pradesh participated and proved their mettle. The competition was held at Crystal Ball Room, Corus Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
475 children from 18 countries from across the world such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Tanzania, UAE, Cambodia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand competed in the competition. These 475 kids were the best of the best brainy children emerged victorious in their country level competitions.
Out of seven kids from Andhra Pradesh three emerged winners. They include 9 years old A.K. Slakshnu from Kakinada.  He emerged 3rd Runner Up in the Senior Category. Slakshnu was also the winner last year as the youngest of all to compete in Grand Master C-Level in an international competition held in Manila in Philippines last year. Slakshnu is a 5th standard student from Aditya School in Kakinada. 10years old Praveek Trivedi is from Hyderabad. He is the 3rd Runner Up in Grand Master C-Level. He was also winner of 8th level last year in an international competition held at Manila in Philippines. Pravek is the students of class 6th from Hyderabad. 9 years old Arvind Mohan Das is the 2nd Runner Up  in Foundation Level -3. He is currently studying in 6th class in Ashram Public School in Kakinada.
While three out of 7 participated from the State emerged winners, four children viz G. Abhishakth, Abhinay, Sowmya Sree and Subhra Jyoti Mishra awarded achievement awards in recognition to their excellence. G. Abhishakth is the 3rd Standard student from Johnson Grammar School, LB Nagar, Hyderabad. He competed in Level-4. Abhinay is the 6th standard student from St. Joseph Public School from Hyderabad. He competed in 8th Level. Sowmya Sree is the 7th standard student from St. Joseph Public School, Hyderabad. She competed in 8th level. Subhra Jyoti Mishra, a 7th standard student of Akshara School Kakinada participated in Level 5 in the competition.
About 37 member Indian contingency participated in the contest and 15 students emerged victorious and got prizes. These Indian Whizkids shined in Abacus & Brain Gym Competition.  Four Andhra Pradesh students have notched up top positions across various categories. Over the last four to five years kids from Andhra Pradesh have been repeating their superb performances.  Though it is strenuous and expensive to participate in these international meets, somehow our students have been able to manage and participate repeatedly and shining at every major international competition informed Mr. J. Sampath Kumar, State Head of SIP Academy - Andhra Pradesh.
Human brain development is mostly completed by age 12. Our mental enhancement program therefore focuses on children of this age. It uses the Abacus, involving the numbers 1-9 only and therefore comprehension at this level lies outside the realm of advanced language skills. People, especially young children, think in pictures, and in fact learn much more productively when they are involved in hands-on activities. SIP efficient, fresh and creative learning techniques are thereby based on these important developmental principles and practices. Within all these programs, focus is upon the development of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, visualization, thinking skills, concentration, retention and recall. Adding a whole new dimension to the classroom, these programs all help children to read and write much faster and more accurately ~ essential skills needed for proficient learning, thereby substantially improving not only the child's mathematical abilities, but total academic performance, added Sampath Kumar.
When I first participated in Manila, Philippines last year I was nervous. But, at the end when I became the youngest in the world to win Grand Master C level, my chest was swollen with pride.  This year, I was relatively at ease and did my best is how 9 years old A.K. Slakshnu reacted on his achievement. After and before the competition like in the past this year also I have seen Sri Lanka, Singapore. If given a chance I would like to participate in every major competition and see more countries, he added. But, the only problem in seeing those countries is food, which I mostly didn't like informed Slakshnu.
I must thank my parents, SIP Academy trainers for my repeated success said Pravek Trivedi. He has participated in about 4 major international competitions so far. Thank God, my parents have been encouraging me to go for all of them. This time competition was tough. Indonesian and Malaysian kids were too sharp and were computer brainy chaps. Winning competing against them was really a Herculean task. Thank God, I won the prize said Pravek.
For Arvind Mohan Das, it was his first international competition. Still undeterred by the tough fight, he managed to emerge second runner up. This has boosted my confidence. I will still work hard and strive hard in future to win more recognitions, he added. 
SIP Abacus and Brain Gym is the internationally proven supplementary educational program that promotes the mental advancement, character formation and creative expression vital in the integrated development of multiple-intelligent individuals. The program nurtures the mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of kids.
SIP Academy in Andhra Pradesh has been providing internationally acclaimed child development program Abacus and Brain Gym aimed at equipping children aged 4-12 with the skills required to succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive global arena.
SIP Academy is the Indian arm of SIP Academy SDN BHD, Malaysia, a company which imparts lifetime skills development programs for children, combining the best from the Far East and the  West  (U.S.) i.e. the twin offering of the Abacus and Brain Gym.
SIP functions in 18 countries with over 2000 centers and 4,70,000 students worldwide. SIP India has 500 centres across 20 states in India training 1,25,000 kids. These states include Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarachal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal. In Andhra Pradesh, it has 65 centres in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, Kakinada , Zaheerabad, Ghatkesar, Vikarabad, Shankar Pally, Thirupathi,  Vijayawada , Narsarao Pet and Visakhapatnam.

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