Friday, 4 November 2011

Festival to unite urban-rural children

Come November 4 and children from across the country will showcase their traditional art forms in Delhi. The event is part of a week-long festival being organised by Sanskaar Rang Toli (Theatre-in-Education Company) of National School of Drama (NSD). This year, the bi-annual cultural 
festival, called Bal Sangam, will focus on the revival of dying cultural art forms through children. "The idea is to introduce a dialogue between the urban children and those  living in the villages. This festival is is essentially a confluence of myriad performing art forms," said Anuradha Kapoor, director, NSD.
Being organised at Crafts Museum near Pragati Maidan, between November 8 to November 14, Bal Sangam will see children from different states performing folk dances and martial art. From the traditional paintings of Rajasthan and Maharashtra to sword fighting techniques of Kerala to the traditional dance forms of Jammu and Kashmir, children belonging to traditional performing families will present a rich kaleidoscopic of Indian culture.

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