Sunday, 6 November 2011

Innovative education

THE Education Innovation Fund for India (EIFI) is seeking grant proposals from Indian non-profit organisations , educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities. The fund will support innovative work in education in India by giving grants worth a total of four crore, with one mega grant up to Rs one crore, several grants of up to Rs 15 lakh as well as grants for school students. EIFI is a collaborative project between the HP Office of Global Social Innovation and the India Council for Integral Education (ICIE). 

Vijay Poddar, chairman, EIFI says, "The entire world needs to focus on its energies so that tomorrow's children grow in an environment of beauty and love, creativity and joy, by giving them an education that is holistic and transformational . EIFI is one small step in this direction." 

Formally launched on August 30 in Chennai, the fund is accepting proposals till November 15. Proposals for grants are invited for laboratory, pilot or model projects that can significantly change the way in which technology; pedagogy or social process is used in education in India. In addition to this, EIFI has a dimension in the form of grants for children from 11 to 17 years of age. The 'Young Learners and Young Innovators Grant' allows children and young adults to apply for grants by conceptualising and creating breakthroughs in the field of education. For applications and other details, visit

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