Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pearson Education redefines digital education in schools; launches “Active Teach”

New Delhi: Technology, today, has changed the way we learn, the way knowledge is acquired. There is increased pressure on 21st century students to compete in an increasingly digital global marketplace. And the onus is on educational institutions, teachers and parents to cultivate a stimulating environment where learning is fun. Well, the answer is here: Pearson Education, world's largest education company, has taken a proactive approach in spreading this digital revolution in India and has put technology to its rightful use by launching 'ActiveTeach' - the most comprehensive digital learning solution for Indian Schools. The digital learning solution for schools was launched during a workshop "Innovation in Education" conducted by Mr. N.C. Sridharan, Educationist and NLP Master Practitioner.

"ActiveTeach" is a digital solution which goes in sync with the printed books and will bridge the gap between text books and digital learning in the classroom environment. Pearson has tied up with BBC Motion Gallery and has acquired lots of priceless education videos which are included throughout the "ActiveTeach" series for a real life experience.  ActiveTeach takes a novel approach to teaching and offers a host of features and conveniences to enable the educator to make every lesson easier and engaging. ActiveTeach is designed to be a supportive and empowering teaching experience for teachers and a rich and enlightening experience for students.

"ActiveTeach" will currently be available for students of classes 3 to 8 and for English and Science subjects only, although other subjects will be available from next year onwards. This solution has 2 separate versions – one for Teachers and another for the students. "ActiveTeach" comes with a comprehensive guide manual both for teachers and parents separately. A large team of eminent educationists, teachers, in house editors, reputed software companies and numerous numbers of animators have worked day long and night to make this dream come true.

Speaking on the launch, Naveen Rajlani, Head of School Division, Pearson Education said, "Education in India has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last decade. Technology has empowered students who now have an access to an enormous repository of knowledge at the click of a button. Thus, there is a growing and a compulsive need to break away from the traditional way of pedagogy. Pearson Education's "ActiveTeach" is a unique digital learning resource which combines pedagogically sound text books with innovative teaching and learning materials and it seamlessly integrates technology with the syllabus to ensure the best possible learning environment.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. G. Balasubramanian, former Director Academics, CBSE, said," This Digital solution is not mere change but brings a transformation for effective classroom transaction!
Sharing her views on ActiveTeach, Ms. Annie Koshy, Principal, St. Mary's School, Delhi said," I am excited about the fact that we are coming to a point where a publisher is incorporating traditional ideas of English language teaching with modern technology. This should go a long way in ensuring that our children learn about the four skills of a language, along with grammar and vocabulary, in a more engaging and exciting way."

The facilitator for the workshop, Mr. N.C. Sridharan, Educationist and NLP Master Practitioner, spoke about the importance of interactive participation of students in the education system. He skillfully explained how three modes of learning; visual, auditory and kinesthetic can be applied to make teaching more effective.

Key Features of "ActiveTeach"
Ø  This solution can be operated in every platform - Interactive White Boards (IWB), normal AV classrooms in a school, any desktop or in laptops.
Ø  In this platform teaching happens through Audio Visual mode for a better and long term effect amongst the Children
Ø  Loaded with thousands of additional resources like – videos, animations, Differentiated worksheets, Dynamic question banks, interactive activities for students, Scientific investigations, Link to CCE, My resources for teachers, sticky notes etc. for a extremely effective teaching learning process
Ø  It can project, zoom, highlight or annotate key areas of the e-books.
Ø  The teachers can build their own lessons - explore the range of interactive activities, worksheets and video clips in the resource bank
Ø  Separate packs for Teachers and Students version of "ActiveTeach"
Ø  ActiveTeach is a onetime purchase by the students during beginning of the academic calendar
Ø  No monthly payment to the schools for digital learning, unlike any other available digital solutions

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