Thursday, 3 November 2011

'Subjugation of women continues in India'

LUCKNOW: On day three of 125 years celebrations of Isabella Thoburn College, an international conference on 'Women in higher education: Responding to the challenges of change', and 'Innovation in global environment' was organised.

Speaking on the occasion, deputy general secretary, Women's Division, US, Harriet Olson said today's women have broken social barriers such as early marriage, widowhood, and many more.

"Women are now economically self-dependent but the subjugation of women, which is still taking place, is restricting her to cross boundaries,'' she said.

This was followed by technical sessions that dealt with global education and its socio political perspectives. A discussion on 'Challenging education' was also held.

It included talks on Gender: The unfinished agenda, and Science and technology: Addressing the trillions. An interactive session between the alumnae and ITians was also organised where the former students shared their experiences of the college days. Abha Singh, an alumnae and current director, Postal Services, Maharashtra and Goa, encouraged the former students to share their views. Many of them recalled the days when they did not miss a single English movie screened at Mayfair theatre.

In the evening, a light and sound play, Agni, was held. The play focused on women emancipation and liberation. Besides, cultural programmes and a rock band from Mumbai enthralled the audience.

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