Friday, 30 September 2011

Texas Instruments, CORE launch education tech solution in India

NEW DELHI: Chip-maker Texas Instruments, in association with CORE Education and Technologies, launched its STEMpowereducation technology solution in India, which promises to facilitate a better, tailor-made learning experience for students in classrooms across the country.

STEMpower is touted as combining Texas Instruments' (TI) education technology solution with CORE's content, teacher education programme and support in one integrated solution that enables effective teaching and learning of math and science.

STEMpower, which works on TI-NSpire technology, connects a teacher's computer in a classroom with handheld devices designed by the company for the use of students.

This will facilitate personalisation of teaching methodologies to fit classroom needs and promote student collaboration, besides instant assessment, CORE India President Anshul Sonak said.

The companies have implemented trials of the technology in nine schools across the country and are targeting private CBSE schools to drive STEMpower's growth.

STEMpower enables teachers to ensure that every student has an opportunity to explore, learn, apply and succeed by integrating real-world data, simulations, pictorial aids and multiple representations such as graphs, spreadsheets, equations and questions, Texas InstrumentsEducation Technology President Melendy Lovett said.

According to CORE, the solution is cost-effective and would reduce schools' investment on a science and math labs, which approximately is around 10 lakh each, by 50 per cent.

"STEMpower is a portable solution... (with) few infrastructure needs and can be shared by many classrooms," Sonak said.

CORE will train teachers to effectively use the technology.

Lovett said, "At TI, it is our mission to ensure that every student has an opportunity.

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