Thursday, 27 October 2011

Education Q&A: Law and accounting

If you plan on working in different parts of the world, it is better to consider getting an LLB (Bachelors of Law) from the UK or a Juris Doctor (JD) from the US. Both countries have different approaches to obtaining the degrees. In the US, you cannot study law as an undergraduate degree. This gives you the freedom of obtaining a degree in any subject you want. The JD takes a further three years after completion of your undergraduate degree.
In the UK, the LLB can be studied straight after you finish school. It is a three-year programme. Certain universities that offer LLB and JD programmes are recognised by the Bar Council of India, thus giving you the option of working in India as well. In addition to the knowledge content, a good law programme intends to develop your critical thinking and transferable intellectual skills, promote independent learning and communication skills.
Lawyers can work in private practice, public-interest law or corporatelaw. They can specialise in public law, civil litigation, corporate or commercial, criminal, entertainment, environment, family, intellectual property and tax law, among others. New options keep opening up such as space law, sports law and so on.

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