Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mega Mela for Government School students

BANGALORE: Around one fifty children from eighteen government schools displayed their talent and creativity at a ‘mega mela’ for government school students of Bangalore, organised by Meljol-Aflatoun, South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring.
The programme was exclusively meant for children studying in municipal and government schools. SICREM had organised this event to understand what the students have understood in the last academic year.
“As part of this programme, they were exposed to functioning of banks and the need to develop the habit of saving from childhood. More importantly, the children were given a platform to show their talent and creativity,” said Reena, senior coordinator for National,Meljol, Mumbai.
“We were thrilled by the hidden talent of these children. Although they study in municipal and government schools their creativity is at par with the convent going kids. Given any opportunity, these students will surpass their convent school counterparts.
“Our organisation has been working for improving creativity among the less-privileged children of municipal and government schools. We feel contended if these kids become� respectable citizens of our nation”, added Reena.
The children were busy throughout the day, taking part in several activities like painting and creative writing. They came up with beautiful paintings and read out self composed poems. The event was conducted by the children without any� help from elders or parents.

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