Monday, 24 October 2011

Veena Malik adopts an Indian girl

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has adopted a Hindu Indian girl! Revealing a never seen before benevolent side to her otherwise controversial personality, the former Bigg Boss inmate has adopted a girl named Payal from the Sahaara Charitable Society of Vashi. “I have adopted Payal from a charitable trust in Vashi.
Payal is seven years old. I do not want to change her name neither her religion. I want her to live life wherever she wants to live and however she wants. She is my daughter. I do not think I can take her to Pakistan but whenever I come to India she will be with me and when I travel abroad as well,” revealed Veena.
When asked where little Payal will stay while Veena’s away in Pakistan, she said, “She will stay at the charitable home where she is living. I have sponsored her education, food, clothing, everything. Officially I have sponsored her but in my heart, I am her mother.”
Talking about why she chose to take this step, Veena says, “I have always been involved in charity and social work. It was not a sudden decision to do this. I have always helped people in every possible way. If you google my name, you will know of my charitable deeds. I have also received appreciation from the Pakistani government for providing funds and helping earthquake victims in Pakistan. India has been very generous to me. I have received enormous help and love from India so my heart is in this country and I thought of doing something good for India. I pay my taxes and conduct all my duties but that’s not enough for a human being. You need to do something good as a human being.”
Meanwhile, in Pakistan, people are up in arms against Veena for working extensively in India and now adopting an Indian girl. When asked about this, the actress says, “I don’t know what the consequences of this will be. How people in Pakistan will react does not bother me because I have done this out of humanity, not for anything else. It’s not like I will only do it for India and Pakistan – I will do charity in any country and for anybody no matter what religion or community. For me, all are the same. When people or my fans will see my good intentions, they will be inspired and will do the same.”

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