Thursday, 27 October 2011

TN 3rd highest behind UP, Andhra in crime rate

COIMBATORE: Tamil Nadu may be one of the leaders in education, health and Information Technology but here is one chart, the top of which the state would do well to drop from.
Tamil Nadu, embarrassingly, figure s among the top 3 States with a high crime rate, as per the National Crime Recor ds Bureau’s ‘Crime in India 2010 Statistics’.
Also, the number of women arrested for committing offences under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code in the State stood at 17,112 (8.1% of the total number of people arrested in TN), the second highest in India. Only Maharashtra witnessed more women (30,118) being arrested for crime last year.
Although the State continued to stay sixth (as in 2009) in the Rank of Criminality, it accounted for 10.4% of the total 67,50,748 cognisable crimes reported in India during 2010. Only Uttar Pra desh (33.9%) and neighbouring Andhra Pradesh (12%) are ahead in the dubious list.
Of the 45,25,917 cases registered in the country under the Special and Local Laws (SLL), Tamil Nadu figures third with a contribution of 11.4% such cases. While UP accounted for 46.7% of SLL cases, Andhra Pradesh came next with 13.9%. In the SLL cases category, the State was listed fifth in the Rank of Criminality.

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