Monday, 31 October 2011

MBA grads to get new syllabus in Tamil Nadu

Management grads across the state may soon get to study a new curriculum with special thrust on innovation research, if the recommendations of the top management institutes and business leaders are anything to go by.
And to put this agenda in place, about 5-6 centres of excellence in management education may come up in the city initially across various universities and autonomous colleges, with Anna University taking the lead.
A national workshop by the IIM-Ahmedabad Alumni Association (IIM-AAA) and Anna University along with IIMs of Ahmedabad and Kolkata deliberated on redesigning the current MBA curriculum in India so as to infuse innovation and creativity into the syllabus.
“The very fact that competing institutions like various IIMs and other business schools have come together is indicative of the need and the seriousness attached to the need to change our curriculum,” said Prof. Shekhar Chowdhuri, Director, IIM-Calcutta.
The redesigned curriculum is being drafted based on the recommendations of Harvard Professor Srikant Datar’s book ‘Rethinking the MBA; Management Education at a crossroad’.
The Chennai seminar is the fourth in the series and will be followed by another in January in Coimbatore.
After this, all deliberations will be consolidated to outline a common revamped curriculum in line with industry needs. The revamped syllabus may come in place by end of 2012 or early 2013.
The time is ripe for redesigning Indian management education as growing uncertainties across the business spectrum call for newer skill sets, said Mannar Jawahar, Vice-chancellor of Anna University.
“Creativity and innovation is not only from a student’s perspective but also that of educational institutions,” he opined.
With new emerging business models in retail, logistics and services sector, there is no point in harping our education syllabus around the good-old manufacturing sector and market research, said S. Muralidharan, President, IIM-AAA Chennai chapter.

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