Thursday, 27 October 2011

Orissa: College Students in Koraput district to be on strike from Oct 28 over shortage of teaching staff

Koraput: Education has always been the watchman of development; it's the only yard stick where knowledge is the only judgment. Koraput, a district where more than 15 colleges thrive are short of lectures, to impart subjects, the situation is worst as ever it can be. Students' protest, request, and their grievances have been side lined and it seems to be put into a gutter by the authorities. In such a situation how can the student union be unruffled? Agitation, struggle for knowledge is an obvious scenario in almost all colleges of Koraput district.
The benefit handsomely falls on those private colleges who charge a lump sum amount Rs 40000 and above from the student who can pursue education from a sum of Rs. 1000 at the best, at the end of the Year, but the fortune does not favors the students but the government instead, where at the brighter side it speaks about the development of education and at the other end it manages to keep it hands off when appointing lectures in these colleges. The district's two leading colleges Vikram Dev autonomous College, Jeypore and DAV College, Koraput require 80% of teaching staff.
The condition has all almost have touched all the danger levels. The pupils of almost all the colleges of Koraput district have joined hand to go for an ultimatum, an indefinite relay hunger from 28th October 2011, from their respective colleges. Their prime demands are requirement of staff, classrooms and library , infrastructure, proper sanitation and to declare Law College of Jeypore into Government College etc.. This report was confirmed   at a press meet held at Jeypore by the Koraput District College Students' Association.
The association will go for a bandh on 31st of this month if their demands will not be fulfilled within the limited time. They have urged the people of Koraput district to co-operate the students' movement. The press meet was organized by Mr. Rajesh Yadav, President Jeypore Law College, Mr.Raghu Nayak President Vikram Dev College Jeypore ,Mr. Promaod Khandpan, President DAV College Koraput and hundreds of students from  all the colleges of Koraput District.

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