Sunday, 30 October 2011

Orissa: Koraput District Primary Teachers Union Are on Dharana

Koraput: Several members of the Koraput District Primary Teachers Union have come out in public in a rally to oppose various service related problems while requiring their solution. Now they are picketing in front of Sarba Shikhya Abhijan (DPEP-SSA) office for 12 hours. The material discrepancy and discrimination that has occurred in thetransfer of the teacher’s in koraput district have caused the uproar.
Except above the “misbehavior from the District Project Coordinator (DPC) office to the teachers is rampant” as informed by the District Primary Teachers Union.
It is to be noted that since the beginning of the educational year the teachers transfer matter has been the bone of the content in the teachers circle. Despite of repeated written objection/complaint there has been no reaction from the District Administration.  “unless the demand of the picketers are fulfill the strike shall continue” informed the Koraput District Primary Teachers Union. The union has assured that the strike would not impact the day to day education impart. At the moment negotiation continues between the District Primary Teachers Union and the District Administration.

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