Sunday, 23 October 2011

Constructing education FDI

The education sector is emerging as one of the largest service sectors in India, with strong growth drivers. Indians’ aspirations for high quality education, a growing population, a lack of adequate infrastructure etc are some of the key factors leading to a huge demand-supply mismatch and the need for massive investments in the Indian education sector. The sector is already witnessing a lot of interest, with more and more foreign players in education and real estate fields eyeing opportunities in India either through joint ventures/collaborations or through independent set-ups.
Our education sector is also one of the most important sectors from the perspective of India’s social and economic development. The government has also realised the need for private/foreign players’ participation in bridging the demand-supply gap and is making serious attempts to reform the sector by introducing new legislations like the Proposed Foreign Education Bill and by fostering public-private partnership models.
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