Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Germans to train football coaches in state

CUTTACK: The Football Association of Orissa(FAO) is organizing a two-day training camp for coaches here starting Wednesday. A team of three professional trainers from Germany will train Oriya coaches in the latest techniques of the game.
asWe need quality coaches who can train young footballers at the grassroots-level in our state. So this training session has been organized to improve the quality of our coaches. For the first time, our coaches will get an opportunity to interact with a foreign coach,a? said Abhijit Pal, joint secretary of FAO.A Around 40 coaches of the state will participate in the camp. The FAO is spending around Rs two lakh in organizing the camp.
The training camp has been divided into different sessions. Apart from being given practical lessons on fitness, skills and tactics of the game, coaches will be provided with a special trainingA session to motivate children to take up football.
Veteran Football coach Harald Braner, who has a coaching experience of around 15 years, will deal with the technicalities of the game and impart some lessons on managerial skills. Two otherA German coachesA Karin and Frank Braner will focus on life skills education, personality developmentA and family counselling training sessions for the coaches.
asMany parents raise concern over the academic future of their children if they join footballA .So they stop their children from playing. During the camp, coaches from Orissa will be trained to deal with these issues and imparted skills to convince the parents,a? Pal said. The coaches are also excited about this camp. asIt is golden opportunity for us to get training from these foreign coaches. We will get to learn so many things from them,a? a football coach D Behera said.

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