Sunday, 9 October 2011

‘Students who study in Indian varsities do well’

Is it necessary that every student who opts for the IB board needs to go abroad? Can he/she stay back in the Indian education system? An IB diploma graduate is welcomed at universities across the world. It is the same with Indian universities. Ten years ago all IB

If the student decides to stay back, what according to you is the best way for the student to integrate academically into the Indian education system? 
Informal feedback to the IB indicates that students who study in Indian universities actually do very well.  It is for this reason that universities across India are increasingly welcoming and open to IB students. Their attitudes to learning, ability to apply, research and ask critical questions are becoming more important in Indian universities.  Feedback tells us that IB students tend to find the initial year of re-entry to the Indian system to be a shift in mindset as teaching methodologies and study techniques can still be traditional.  However, university courses tend to develop  – becoming more inquiry and research led during the latter stages and this is where IB students tend to thrive and excel.

How many Indian universities and colleges accept IB board scores in India and how has this grown over the past few years?
IB Diploma has been recognised by the Association of Indian Universities since 1983, so all universities in India accept IB students. Some universities are less aware of the programme, hence students and schools should meet with universities’ officials prior to admissions to give information and the necessary paperwork to facilitate admissions. The IB also has a university liaison officer based in India who works with organisations, universities and schools to ensure the interface and processes are as smooth as possible.

The national and state entrance tests to professional courses such as medicine and engineering is in May in India that clashes with the IB board exams. Is the board looking at ways to remedy this so that students can take entrance tests here as well?
The entrance exams for professional courses happen from April through June. Most of the entrance exams are over the weekend. IB students have been very successfully taking the entrance exams and have been admitted to professional courses. In some instances if the student is studying overseas, the exams are conducted at the embassies. For example, the CLAT exam for the 11 Indian law schools can be taken at the relevant embassy (students need to write to the law school which  is organising the test that year and seek permission) .

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